Facebook Ad Fixes: 1 or 3 Hour Packages

You, me, a little tea and a whole lotta accountability.

You need help figuring out how to rock your business, rock your ads and make sure your customer journey (aka Sales Funnel) is ready to go for your potential clients.

You’re sick of feeling like the ends aren’t meeting and jumping from one thing, to the next and doing the process all over AGAIN! Your life & biz just aren’t what you’ve envisioned and you’re READY for a change. 

Not sure where to start with your customer journey (aka Sales Funnel)?  

Your Facebook Ads aren’t converting?

Not sure where you’re going wrong in your funnel?

I feel the overwhelm piling up inside and it doesn’t have to be that way! Not at all. Shay Snapshot Los Angeles

These Clarity Quickie Sessions are perfect for you! If you would like a little extra hand holding to make sure you have your T’s crossed and your I’s dotted, let’s set up an hour to chat. 

If you’re not ready for my one on one 4 Month Mentorship program, this gives you a little bite sized time with me, so we can just work through some of the kinks together to help you get a clearer picture!

Some of the things we can address on our video call:

  • Creating a Facebook Ads Strategy that CONVERTS
  • Know who and what to target so you’re bringing in HIGHLY TARGETED LEADS
  • Knowing which images to use (stop with the tacky stock photos STAT!)
  • Creating copy that converts!
  • A recorded copy so that you can reference it time and time again

Obviously, we can’t go over ALL of this on an hour consulting session, but you can pick one or two things that you need help on NOW and we’ll get them figured out and you feeling more ease and flow with your paid advertising!

Creating a successful & sustainable business doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s get a plan in place so you know your next moves.

You’re not alone, so select a package below for what will work best for you and let’s jump in together! 

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