Squee! I am so excited that you are here. You’re beautiful, awesome and one of the best things that has happened Smaller Sittingsince sliced bread. True story!

Now that I’ve showered you with some honest love, let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m Shay and I love Christmas so much that I listen to Christmas music year round.

My goal for 2016 is to be able to take off November and December completely (minus my funnels doing the work for me) so I can binge watch Hallmark Christmas movies and drink tea from my Christmas mug. If I can do that, that’s what I’d like to call heaven on earth.

Okay, putting my obsessive love of Christmas (and fuzzy socks) aside, let’s talk business and how I’m here to help you!  

I’ve owned my own business since 2011 and I’ve worked from my home successfully since 2009. Not many can say that they’ve done that successfully, but I’m one of the lucky ones.

First day Of School

I’m also a mom (to 2 kids that are so gorgeous, I can’t even believe I created them – see above), I guess you could call me a mompreneur BUT I might not answer to it because it isn’t my favorite term. Yep, that’s me giving you the stank face if you call me a mompreneur.


I like to think that I am a mom who has a really awesome business AND I get to enjoy my family and build my business ON MY TERMS.

My super fun areas of experience are mindset & personal growth, digital marketing and Facebook ads. I’d be Oprah and Michael Hyatt’s love child if they had one.  I am a bit outside of the zone of most of people who do the same “thing” as me.  I’m not going to make you internet famous, I’m going to help you create a business that feels like home to you.  

What does that mean? It means if you have a family (kids or no kids – close friends that are like family count too!) and your family is your priority, I’ll help you use your mindset and your marketing to build a business AROUND your family NOT at the sake of your family and your precious family time.

We’ll create strategies TOGETHER to grow your business in a way that makes you feel all fuzzy inside and then I’ll hold your ass accountable to get it done. As far as we know, we only have one life that we live and it isn’t meant to be doing a bunch of meaningless stuff that doesn’t work for you or your business.

I guess you can call me a life & biz hybrid coach, doing it a bit different from anyone else. Sooooo if you’re cool with different, I’m cool with it… let’s find out how we can work together.